Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bangladesh Works! (Sadakalo)


Mikey Leung said...


Love the black and whites! We have some up now at the BAGHA club (you know about it), and believe it or not, they actually sold. Maybe there is some hope of making it as a photographer after all.

I'm glad to see that some other people out there are still using this medium, I think it's quickly becoming an antique art form.. I used my old FM in Nepal and it was really enjoyable, I have to admit, but costly.

do send me notes when you publish new photos, especially of Bangladesh. Are you interested in contributing some to the guidebook? I'll be in touch...

DUBE said...

just a note, i made the changes
and i do apologise for the mis representation.

hope all is going well for u.
chat soon, we are starting to think
MOPP 2009

stay in touch.

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